The ASA is an umbrella organisation and does not provide advice to the public. If you need advice, we can suggest who to contact. Or you can search for an agency that holds the Advice Quality Standard.

Advice Quality Standard

The Advice Quality Standard (AQS) is the only sector-owned, independently audited standard that focuses on advice. It is awarded to organisations that give advice to the public on legal issues. Organisations are audited every two years and have to demonstrate that they are accessible, effectively managed, and employ staff with the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of their clients. Read more »

Health and Advice

A joint evidence review between the Advice Services Alliance and the Low Commission, led to a report outlining key findings from 140 research studies in the field, and an overview of 58 integrated health and welfare Advice Services. A clear message comes from these wide-ranging sources; that welfare advice in health care settings results in better individual health and well-being, and a lower demand for health services. Read more »

Archive of the ASA's work

Past work by the Advice Services Alliance: Working Together for Advice; Policy; Outcomes; and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Read more »

Advice Services Transition Fund Learning and Support

In January 2014, the Advice Services Alliance was awarded the Big Lottery Fund contract for providing Learning and Support to the 228 Advice Service Transition Fund (ASTF) partnerships. Part of our work is to set up a website providing useful links, resources and information for practitioners working in the local partnerships. Read more »